Reader resolutions for Minneapolis

We asked readers to send us their New Year’s resolutions for Minneapolis. Here are some of the suggestions:

— Greater density in the urban core and commercial nodes.

— Be bold.

— Try and plow to the curb.

— Single-sort recycling in Northeast.

— That we elect a new mayor tat we can be proud of representing our city.

— Tax incentives for tax incubators.

— Crosswalks for pedestrians on 4th Ave North & N. 1st Avenue. Well, to be frank, more crosswalks for the entire block of N. 1st Avenue. It’s needed.

— More retail.

— Urban beautification.

— Close Nicollet Mall to all traffic and hold a competition for the redesign. And move the Farmer’s Market there.

— Establish a “beauty committee” to help the City Council.

— Moratorium on surface parking lots. 

— More street trees in the CBD / Warehouse District / North Loop. (see MillionTreesNYC).

— Getting the Nicollet-Central streetcar going, and beautification around the NE arts corridor (lots of little chunks of unused land around there).

— Well paid jobs for everyone so we don’t need to depend in the government.

— Do something about the eyesore at the corner of 40th & Lyndale.

— Improve public transportation, add density where appropriate, and continue to encourage new local business

— Neighborhood “leaders” should resolve to keep their mouths shut about new developments. NIMBY attitudes are hindering growth and density. Planners should do the same.

— Conduct a best practices exercise with similarly sized snow belt cities to improve a crappy plowing program.

— Realization of new park in North Loop and renovated/expanded Gateway Park. Also new park in downtown east.

— A park and an elementary school downtown.

— Make pedestrians as much of a priority as bikers. Minneapolis needs to become pedestrian friendly.

— Cheaper parking with pay stations that work consistently.

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