The miraculous microchip

This story I am about to tell you seems very far-fetched, but it is 100% true.

About a year ago, one of our veterinary assistants, Bailee, noticed a cat hanging around her yard that seemed to be lost. If a lost animal is found or is brought to our clinic, we scan the pet to see if they have a microchip. If they do, we call the microchip company to find out the pet’s registered owner.

This lost kitty did indeed have a microchip, so Bailee called the microchip company. As Bailee read the microchip number off to the company representative, there was a pause…

“That is my cat,” said the woman at the microchip company.

Of course, this was all too strange to believe! What are the chances of that happening? But after having the woman at the microchip company send us a photo of her cat that matched our lost cat at the clinic, we got the full story.

The woman at the microchip company was temporarily working in Fargo, North Dakota, while someone else was watching her cat for several months. The cat had gone missing, but its pet sitter never informed the owner. Because of the microchip, Bailee was able to facilitate a happy reunion (and what I am sure was a very unhappy conversation between owner and pet sitter).

Sometimes the universe conspires in the most miraculous ways.