On constituent service in Ward 13

I have been trying to contact City Council Member Linea Palmisano for at least a couple of years regarding a couple of issues of importance in our neighborhood. Leaving voice messages and emails specifically for Linea, I only received one call back from Kendal Killian, an aide in Linea’s office. The concern was regarding icy conditions in front of my house on fairly steep hill leading onto busy 39th Street, which gets one city bus at least every 15 minutes and other fast moving traffic.

I mentioned to Kendall that, because of unusually icy conditions, cars were braking and sliding uncontrollably down the hill directly onto oncoming traffic at 39th Street. Cars with adults and children in the back seat were being put in danger. Normally the city will take care of this and other potentially dangerous icy intersections first thing with a sanding truck, but for some reason this hill was being missed.

The answer I received was quite disturbing. Kendall said, first off, Linea’s Ward 13 office was taking care of other issues and they “do not micromanage” the city departments. He also said that, on that day, Linea was driving with her child or children and was able to get around because she was exercising proper caution.

I mentioned that it was not an issue of exercising proper caution but rather a dangerous intersection that should be getting the city’s immediate attention. And in my 30-plus years as a Linden Hills resident, I never had such an unprofessional and condescending conversation with any member of City Hall.

Today, I contacted the mayor’s office regarding another concern and told them of the difficulty in getting in contact with my council member. I received an email back within hours saying they were sorry to heat of my prior experiences with calling into City Hall, they welcome conversation any time in the mayor’s office and they would bring the current concern to public works.

John Delkoski
Linden Hills