Giving dog owners a bad name

My bearded collie, Josie, and I frequently walk by the Dupont Avenue dog park in East Harriet. With the snow melting, a disgusting trail of dog poop appears every few feet from the park entrance to the nearby streets where the humans park.

How can someone be responsible enough to take your dog to a fun place and yet so irresponsible as to allow your pet to poop without cleaning it up?

I have never seen any evidence that a check is done in the dog park for dog licenses and park permits. I suggest a few such visits from the authorities, asking each person for evidence of cleanup bags. And maybe a closure of the dog park occasionally if conditions don’t improve.

I remember years ago, when the topic of dog parks was broached at a public meeting, many residents were concerned about the ill effects of the park. And maybe they were correct to be concerned.

Some irresponsible dog people are giving the rest of us a bad name.


Susan Kennedy

East Harriet