Supporting a survivor in 61B

In 2003, my aunt Shelley was murdered in a courthouse shooting at the Hennepin County Government Center. She was shot four times by a woman who was able to legally purchase a gun through a private sale at a Minnesota gun show without a background check.

I am so excited to be managing Sara Freeman’s campaign for Minnesota House in District 61B. Like me, Sara is a survivor of gun violence who understands the type of support that survivors need from state government. She also has a forward-looking gun policy that could significantly reduce gun deaths, including gun suicide, in Minnesota. Her priorities are universal background checks, disarming men who abuse their girlfriends and implementing the “gun violence restraining order” policy to allow family members to temporarily remove firearms from loved ones in crisis.

As a survivor and citizen, it would be so meaningful to see Minneapolis and Minnesota become leaders in preserving human lives by reducing preventable tragedies with firearms. I know that Sara is running for office for all the right reasons. Minneapolis, and all of us personally impacted by gun violence, would be lucky to have her as their representative in District 61B.
Rachael Joseph