Long is the right choice for District 61B

Minnesota is at a critical moment. We know that while our state is succeeding for some, we are not doing well enough for far too many. The right choice — the only real choice — is to push to improve the lives of all Minnesotans now and in the future. We have work to do.

Rep. Paul Thissen is running for governor of Minnesota in 2018. Should he not seek re-election to the Minnesota House, we must elect a successor who will build on Paul’s leadership to move Minnesota forward. We are thrilled to support our friend Jamie Long for District 61B.

Jamie has dedicated his career to public service. As deputy chief of staff for Congressman Keith Ellison, Jamie manages the congressman’s Minnesota office. He has developed deep relationships across all parts of our community that will serve him well in the legislature. Jamie will be able to build strong, diverse coalitions around progressive values on day one.

Jamie understands our communities’ needs and aspirations. He has given his time, energy and leadership to a variety of grassroots organizations and initiatives, including his neighborhood council and DFL Senate district organization. He is also a board member of Minnesota Climate Action where Jamie is leading efforts to fund and implement a community solar project in Southwest Minneapolis.

Jamie’s an organizer. He has worked for environmental nonprofits fighting climate change and protecting our water. He has run campaigns that have increased voter turnout to historic levels.

Jamie deeply believes that all parts of our community must have the opportunity to thrive. He is dedicated to ending the disparities Minnesotans face based on race, gender, class, sexual orientation and gender identity. He will push our state to move beyond dirty energy that harms our communities. He wants to improve our elections to expand the right to vote. He believes in single payer universal health care for all. He will work to stop mass incarceration and reform police training and accountability standards.

Jamie Long is the right choice to succeed Rep. Thissen in District 61B. He will build on Rep. Thissen’s work and push our neighborhood, our city and our state to a fairer, greener, brighter future. We enthusiastically endorse his candidacy. Learn more about Jamie at jamielong.com.


Rep. Frank Hornstein

District 61A


Roann Cramer

Former DFL chair, District 61