A suggestion for Our Streets

Perhaps the former Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition should have changed its name to “Our Streets (except for Motorists).” They seem to be the driving activist force pressuring the city to constrict vehicular traffic in favor of seldom-used bicycle lanes.

I am a 69-year-old Uptown resident who has lived a half block from 28th & Dupont for over 30 years. The previous traffic arrangement worked well. Reducing vehicle traffic to a single lane east of Hennepin Avenue to add a bicycle lane was a poor idea.

Although this not a bus route, empty buses use it to return to their Nicollet garage. Trying to squeeze two lanes of auto, delivery truck and empty bus traffic into one lane to accommodate a bicycle lane will constrict traffic as badly as the seldom used bicycle lane on Blaisdell Avenue has done between 28th and 31st streets.

Moreover, the Midtown Greenway is only a block south of 28th Street. It is already dedicated to bicyclists, pedestrians, rollerbladers, etc. Why make 28th Street a playground?

A previous letter writer complained it was unfair for a child to have to cross two lanes of traffic with zero visibility. I cross 28th Street frequently and, despite my age, I can do so at a crosswalk in 15 seconds.

Most vehicular traffic stops at the two traffic lights between Hennepin and Lyndale avenues. Most bicyclists blow through these lights. I am more likely to be hit by a scofflaw bicyclist than by a motorist when crossing with the light.


Don Wolesky

The Wedge