An open letter to my City Council member

Dear Ms. Bender,

Why are you and the city planners for bicycle lanes causing so much havoc in Uptown? Are you simply a bike fanatic? Is this all you, as my representative, really care about when there are so many other more important issues to address than ruining Uptown with your bike routes?

I have lived in Uptown for over 25 years, much longer than you have, and I have watched the transformation of this pleasant “village” with sadness. More and more glitzy buildings, more and more crowded spaces, less green, more pollution.

Already the transformation of 36th Street to help biking has been a disaster. I drive that street many times every day, and there are hardly any bikers to be seen, while traffic is often bottled because of the new bike lane.

Now you and the planners want to destroy Hennepin Avenue with a ridiculous plan that will bottle this avenue, which again is rarely used by bikers. Why?

Do you think bikers will use this to connect to the greenway? Of course not. Do you think bikers have had difficulty getting to the shopping between 31st Street and Lake? Of course not. But will your plan hurt business owners in Uptown? Of course it will.

It will also make parking more difficult, or it will force people who come to Uptown to park on the side streets, cluttering these streets that are already crowded.

To tell you the truth, the planners and your plans are absurd, and you seem to be riding a hobby horse while ignoring other issues in Uptown such as pollution, high rental rates, lack of diversity and many other social issues that are much more important than creating ridiculous bike lanes.

You had my vote in past elections, you no longer have my vote and I shall seek to find a different representative who is really progressive and not just a fad representative.

Jack Zipes

East Calhoun