An excuse to get outside and bike in April

Celebrate spring with 30 Days of Biking

Spring is here, officially.

Buds on trees are becoming more prominent, and birdsong is getting louder. There’s sure to be plenty of rain and perhaps one of those late snowstorms, but we’re not made out of sugar. A little snow or rain won’t melt us away.

So, why wait for the perfect weather to enjoy this new season? One of the best ways to get outside is in the company of others participating in a Minnesota-grown movement that’s gone international.

30 Days of Biking starts April 1 with a kick-off ride scheduled to leave at 11 a.m from The Commons, the new downtown park near U.S. Bank Stadium.

What do you have to do to participate? It’s easy.

Just make a commitment at to ride your bike every day in April. Group rides are organized throughout the month, like the pastry rides that leave from Perennial Cycles every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Check out the full lineup on the 30 Days website.

If you need some inspiration, meet some of your fellow residents spotted riding around Minneapolis lately. The photos come from a new project, #WeBikeMpls, started by the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition to get beyond the bike helmets and introduce the greater community to the people on bikes we pass on the road every day.

You can be part of the project, too.

Snap a photo of yourself — with your bike, of course — and let people know why you bike. Going to get tacos counts! Then, post your answer and photo on Twitter or Instagram with the #WeBikeMpls hashtag.

You can also share the answer to any of the following questions: What’s your favorite part of biking in Minneapolis? What would you say to someone who doesn’t bike currently, but is considering it? What’s your favorite destination to bike to?

Hop on your bike, share your story and don’t miss any of the signs of spring.

Natalia web

Meet Natalia who said she rides for her “mental and physical health; connecting with the city.”

Jennifer web

Meet Jennifer who rides “to go to work.”

Karma web

Meet Karma who said, “I love biking because it gets me where I need to be.”

Low web
Meet Laura who said, “I started biking, because I needed to get to work, and I didn’t feel that transit was always safe, reliable and affordable. I continue to ride because I want to be visible, save money and feel good about my body and the environment. Biking with other women and trans people of color gives me a continuous joy for riding!”