Not all is roses and rainbows …

Our block on Chowen Avenue in Fulton now has four mini-McMansions, for lack of better term, and we have them on both sides of us. Before, the block consisted of modest, smaller one- or one-and-a-half-story homes. Now, the essential character has been altered forever by these huge buildings, which are designed to push the codes to the limit.

I get that people want what they want and are willing to pay for it, but adding a 3,300-square-foot building on a small 42-foot-by-100-foot city lot looks ridiculous, and it makes our little house look so out of place.

Despite how well we maintain the structure and appearance of our modest home, it likely will never be sold as a home to live in now. It will be torn down and replaced by yet another huge structure.

The neighbors are nice, and the current builder is, as well, but what they have wrought is sad. I see people passing by on the weekends, looking at the situation and walking away shaking their heads when the see the oddness.

The big one to our south blocks the sun in our yard most of the day. That will ease somewhat as the sun makes its journey north, but I expect our plants on that side will die from lack of light, being in the deep shade. Our lawn will suffer, as well, and we will no longer be able to have morning glories bloom on the arbor in back.

I worry about the significant increase in impermeable surfaces. Almost nonexistent lawn areas no longer allow rain and snow to be absorbed. At least one house has a French drain system that does help, but during heavy rain the water gushes out and runs into our yard or overflows the gutter system — which also ends up in our yard.

During construction, the noise starts at 7 a.m. and continues all day. Huge piles of dirt are present. Huge trucks and machinery are in the alley and on the street. Is there any damage?

These types of building projects have been approved by the city, and in some instances endorsed by the neighborhood association, but to what detriment to the character of the neighborhood and the people who live there?

Yes, I suppose that the land that our home is on may increase in value, but for us to realize any benefit we would have to sell and move out of Fulton. We feel almost unwanted.

Jeff Fournier