Winter Walks, Dreaming of Spring

After several weeks of winter mood doldrums, I have finally gotten back to taking lake walks in the mornings. Once I got out there, I couldn’t figure out why I had stopped — it was so incredibly beautiful! Laziness probably. Seasonal depression certainly. Movement and being in nature are antidotes but getting out there can be a real challenge. It helps that my husband loves winter. I just need to follow in his wake as he heads out the door. Our pup Zorro too is a positive influence — if we humans got half as excited as dogs do at the prospect of a walk, we would all be healthier for it!

And the days are getting longer, the quality of light changing as we inch towards spring. Even the cold days don’t feel quite so cold when we hold the hope of spring in our hearts. And with the calendar page turning to March, surely it’s time for spring crafts! Making yarn pompoms is a fun, soothing activity for older children and adults; tie them onto a backpack or sew them together to make sweet fluffy animals. The rabbit is a traditional harbinger of spring; this pompom version is very soft and oh so cute! 

Pompom Bunny

An old cereal box or other similar light cardboard

Bunny-colored yarn

Small sharp scissors

Felt to match yarn

Darning needle

White craft glue (Tacky is my favorite brand)

Tail: cotton ball or a bit of sheep’s wool or a scrap of white felt


Make Two Pompoms

  1. Cut two 2 ½ inch circles from light cardboard–an old cereal box works well. Cut another two circles 1 ¾ inches in diameter. Measurements can be approximate–the goal is to have two pompoms, one larger than the other. Cut circular holes in the middle of all four pieces of cardboard.
  2. Stack the two larger circles. Wind wool around and around, going through the middle hole each time, until the cardboard is completely covered with yarn. Repeat with the smaller cardboard circles.
  3. Have ready an 18 inch length of yarn. Insert the point of your scissors into the edge of your smaller wrapped circle, making little snips until you can see the cardboard pieces. Then insert one point of your scissors between the circles and cut the yarn all around the edge of the circle.
  4. Leaving the cardboard circles in place, wrap your prepared yarn piece tightly twice around the pompom, going between the two cardboard circles. Tie very tightly using a double knot. Remove the cardboard circles. Leave the tying yarn piece long. Repeat cutting and tying your other pompom, this time trimming the tying yarn so it blends into the pompom. Trim any yarn pieces that are too long, so your pompoms look round and evenly dense.


Attach Pompoms Together

  1. Thread the length of tying yarn of your small pompom onto your darning needle. Sew the small pompom onto the larger one, going back and forth through the center of each pompom several times. Tie tightly in a double knot. Trim the yarn ends so they blend in with the pompoms. 


Add Features

  1. Cut ears from the felt and glue onto the head of your bunny (the smaller pompom), making sure the glued ends are close to the core of the pompom. Trim the bottom of the large pompom a bit so that it is flat–this will help your bunny sit without rolling over.
  2. Tail time! Make a tail from a cotton ball or wisp of sheep’s wool (I rolled up wool and used a bit of glue to keep it rolled). Alternatively, spread glue on a slim strip of white felt and roll up to make a tail. Glue the tail onto your bunny. 


Lisa MacMartin is the owner of Heartfelt, a crafting shop and studio in Southwest Minneapolis. She also blogs at