Connecticut Waterfalls Splendor: 8 Marvelous Cascades Worth Exploring

connecticut waterfalls

Connecticut may be a small state in the northeastern United States, but it has some hidden natural gems that are worth exploring. Among these are the stunning waterfalls that can be found throughout the state. Here are some of the most impressive waterfalls in Connecticut.

1. Kent Falls State Park

kent falls
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In the town of Kent, Kent Falls State Park is home to one of the most popular waterfalls in Connecticut. The waterfall is 250 feet high and is actually a series of cascades and pools. Visitors can hike up a steep trail to get a closer look at the falls or simply enjoy the view from the observation deck.

2. Enders Falls

ender falls
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In Granby, Enders Falls is a series of five waterfalls that cascade down a rocky gorge. Visitors can hike along the trail that runs alongside the falls and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The trail can be steep in places, so it is recommended for more experienced hikers.

3. Wadsworth Falls

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In Middletown, Wadsworth Falls is a popular spot for swimming, picnicking, and hiking. The falls themselves are a series of cascades and pools that flow into the Coginchaug River. There are several trails that lead to the falls, and visitors can enjoy the scenic views along the way.

4. Roaring Brook Falls

roaring falls
Roaring Brook Falls

Located in Cheshire, Roaring Brook Falls is an 80-foot-tall waterfall that cascades down a cliff into a deep pool below. The falls are easily accessible via a short hike along the Roaring Brook Trail, which is part of the Mattabesett Trail.

5. Buttermilk Falls

buttermilk falls
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Located in Plymouth, Buttermilk Falls is a 90-foot-tall waterfall that is named for the frothy appearance of the water as it cascades down the rocks. Visitors can hike along the Buttermilk Falls Trail to get a closer look at the falls and enjoy the scenic views of the surrounding forest.

6. Campbell Falls State Park Reserve

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In Norfolk, Campbell Falls State Park Reserve is a hidden gem that features a 100-foot-tall waterfall that cascades into a pool below. The park also offers several hiking trails that wind through the forest and offer stunning views of the falls and surrounding landscape.

7. Yantic Falls

yantic falls
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Located in Norwich, Yantic Falls is a picturesque waterfall that cascades down a rocky cliff and flows into the Yantic River. Visitors can view the falls from a pedestrian bridge that spans the river or take a short hike along the Yantic River Trail for a closer look.

8. Great Falls

great falls
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Great Falls in Falls Village is a powerful waterfall that drops 60 feet into a gorge below. The falls are accessible via a short hike along a scenic trail that runs along the Housatonic River. Visitors can also enjoy picnicking and fishing in the area surrounding the falls.

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Connecticut may be a small state, but it is home to some of the most stunning waterfalls in the region. Whether you are a seasoned hiker or just looking for a scenic spot to enjoy the beauty of nature, these waterfalls are definitely worth a visit.

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