Southwest Journal readers remember


As we gathered the news this month, most of our conversations started the same way. Before we could pepper you with questions, you wanted to take a minute to share your sadness over the Southwest Journal’s closure and tell us what the paper has meant over the years.

Your expressions of grief have been moving but not surprising.

When we launched the first donation drive in the Southwest Journal’s three-decade history this April, you showed us how much you value our work, not just through financial support but through dozens of handwritten letters and messages of encouragement. Since we announced our closure in October, many more of you have taken the time to send notes and emails letting us know how much we will be missed.

Below is a small sampling of your outpouring of support. It’s been an honor to serve you, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Ever since 2006, as residents of Linden Hills, we have read the Southwest Journal. What a gem!

For over 20 years I have enjoyed reading your community newspaper. Incredibly, you have been able to collect information, print the story and deliver it to the neighborhoods without charging a subscription. The free distribution is a great public service because it informs anyone, irrespective of means, of what is happening in their community. I share your belief that an informed citizenry is vital if we hope to keep our democratic way of life.

I have been a resident of Southwest Minneapolis for over 40 years & I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH. I like to keep informed as to what is happening in the surrounding neighborhoods & you have done an excellent job of keeping us informed!

Thank you for publishing Southwest Journal. I have been a resident of Southwest Minneapolis for over 40 years. I look forward to each issue. It gives me a sense of community even though I live in a large city.

Your voice will be missed. I have lived in the Cedar Lake area for 53 years as a transplant to the city and you have made me feel welcome, informed and knowledgeable.



What I will miss most is what’s going on in the community for things to do. That was my go-to for weekend plans. I also loved the Biz Buzz for word on new restaurants and ideas from the Weekend Tourist. I’m a big gardener and enjoyed those tips as well. I liked the “give thanks to your neighbors” feature during the holidays. I have fantastic neighbors who have looked out for me for many years. My creative way to recycle your paper is to use it for washing windows. Works every time for no streaks!

Don’t disappear, I look forward to every issue! The Ask the Vet column is wonderful. Much love.

I am so grateful to have had my poetry published in the Southwest Journal.
I will miss it.

I want to thank you for one of Jim Walsh’s columns. It was written during the Iraq War and was about a woman who meets a returning soldier on a flight home to Minneapolis. The woman shows her appreciation for the man’s service by inviting him back to her Kenwood apartment, but, instead of the expected romantic evening, the soldier reveals he’s been shattered by the war. Thanks for publishing such an honest, human, heartfelt story. It’s never left me.

I’ve always had great respect for the Southwest Journal. As a writer who’s been published in small papers across the country, I’ve commented to people on this remarkable free paper that was delivered in my neighborhood weekly.

So many publications closing … so sad, just when we need to have more outlets, more information and resources, even more varied opinions among us.

Keep up the good work! We need more, not less, honest accurate reporting. We need the Fourth Estate to be alive, healthy & active to preserve democracy!

Many thanks for years of free & first-rate neighborhood journalism.

The SW Journal is a cherished, important part of the community.

We’ve enjoyed and looked forward to the issues of SWJ delivered to our front stoop.

I have always read and enjoyed the S’west Journal and appreciate having it delivered to my home.

You pull together a great publication that collects and conveys valuable, interesting and unique stories and information about the community. Despite the overwhelming amount of online content pouring out of my computer, I make the time to read your hard copy cover to cover.