Sarah McKenzie, editor, 2006-2016

Sarah McKenzie

During my 10-year tenure as editor of the Southwest Journal and the Downtown Journal, I had the honor of helping create more than 500 newspapers with a talented team of colleagues.

We poured our hearts and souls into the pages of those newspapers, taking great care to chronicle life in the neighborhoods the newspapers served. I am forever grateful for the chance to meet so many wonderful people who make Minneapolis a better place while working for the Journals — devoted neighbors, creative small business owners, thoughtful teachers, dedicated public servants and inspired artists.

The Southwest Journal has been a community builder during its 30-year run and a bright light in local journalism. I was proud to lead special projects examining critical issues in Minneapolis, including in-depth reporting on gun violence and homelessness. One of my favorite traditions at the Southwest Journal— the annual “Thank you, Southwest” feature — was a beautiful way to end the year, giving readers the opportunity to spotlight people in the community they were grateful for.

WACSO illustration
WACSO illustrations first appeared in a March 2010 issue.

In the spirit of that tradition, I want to take the opportunity to thank Southwest Journal publishers Janis Hall and Terry Gahan for launching this publica- tion and giving me and so many others the opportunity to do meaningful journalism in a city that we love. I also extend heartful appreciation for all of my former colleagues at the newspaper who taught me so much and made the work a true labor of love. Finally, thank you to all of the Southwest Journal readers and advertisers who have supported the newspaper over the years.

As an editor, I really valued hearing from readers — whether through hand- written letters, emails or phone calls. I took to heart all the feedback — the good and the bad — and did my best to lead a newspaper that celebrated the best of the city and examined what needed to be done to make it a better place. Please keep supporting local journalism. We need it more than ever.