Nate Gotlieb, reporter, 2016-2020

Nate Gotlieb
Nate Gotlieb

Working at the Southwest Journal these past four years has been a highlight of my professional career. I am grateful for all of the students, educators, residents and public officials who have generously given me their time and shared their stories and feedback. I feel lucky to have had the chance to serve the community.

While there have been plenty of big stories to cover over the past four years, some of the smaller ones have been just as memorable for me. I’ll always remember, for example, covering the middle school students in Tangletown who succeeded in getting their school renamed after Justice Alan Page and then watching the relationship develop between him and the school. I have also enjoyed covering the Southwest Minneapolis students who have advocated for causes such as climate action and gun control, and I have always been impressed with their knowledge and passion. Throughout this community, it’s been neat to see the effort that residents and community leaders put into making positive change.

Alan Page with students
Former Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Alan Page takes a selfie with students at the newly named Justice Page Middle School on June 14. Photo by Nate Gotlieb

I also feel lucky to have had the opportunity to tell stories of individual residents who are making a difference. I’ll never forget telling the story of a Southwest Minneapolis high school student who was advocating for a more equitable way to ensure his times during his cross-country ski races accounted for his disability. Nor will I forget covering the countless Southwest Minneapolis residents trying to make environmental changes or the Linden Hills pastor, the Rev. Lawrence Richardson, who overcame so much to get to where he is. There have been too many great stories to count, and I am grateful for the opportunity to tell them and for all of the people in Southwest Minneapolis who have offered feedback and read my work.

I am appreciative for my editors during my time at the Southwest Journal — Sarah McKenzie, Dylan Thomas and Zac Farber — who have been invaluable sources of wisdom and guidance. I’d also like to thank the Southwest Journal publishers, Janis Hall and Terry Gahan, for helping us put out this newspaper every two weeks and for all of their support.