Waters on 50th resident: ‘I’m going to get a steak dinner on my birthday’

The Southwest Journal is documenting the coronavirus pandemic by recording the personal stories of Minneapolis residents and workers whose daily lives are in a state of flux. As the outbreak evolves, we will be checking in with the participants regularly. Read all of the stories here.

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Arminta and Ron Miller, residents, The Waters on 50th senior living community

Arminta: The weather’s nice and we can’t get out, though Ron went and sat in the sun the other day on our balcony. So it was lucky he could do that.

They told us we don’t have to pay for the coffee until the end of this pandemic. It’s because we’ve been being good, I guess.

Ron: I don’t know how many of them knew they were paying for it.

Arminta: They’re opening up our world, but the bad news is we’re in Phase 3, which means we’re not going to open up anytime soon. Most of the people here are 80 and above, and a lot have underlying conditions, like I have Type 2 diabetes. 

It’s my birthday this week on Wednesday. We got Kentucky Fried Chicken on Sunday from my daughter’s boyfriend, and I’m going to get a steak dinner on my birthday that my daughter’s bringing. And eight of my family are going to come and stand outside my window and wave and give me hugs. Some of them I’ve just seen on my phone, so that will be nice. 

We watch Good Morning America and the View, and we still get the Star Tribune every day, because I like to get the crossword. The news is upsetting, because people are getting really angry and it’s kind of sad. Of course, I’m not happy with the president saying we should drink bleach. He’s the leader of our country, and I think he should check things out more carefully before he speaks.

Ron: But he never has. 

Arminta: Ha, I guess.

Ron: Some states are coming back early, but we’re not going to know until the late summer if this has worked or not.


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