Lake Harriet eighth-graders make sandwiches for those in need

Eighth-graders at Lake Harriet Community School Upper Campus make sandwiches Friday morning for the 'sandwich man' Allan Law. Photo by Nate Gotlieb

The eighth-graders at Lake Harriet Community School Upper Campus spent part of their morning Friday making sandwiches for people who are homeless.

The students assembled approximately 1,000 bologna and cheese sandwiches in about 30 minutes on tables in the school’s gym. Former Minneapolis Public Schools teacher Allan Law, who has dedicated his post-retirement life to feeding people who are homeless, planned on distributing the sandwiches later in the day.

Law, 73, said he taught school in Minneapolis for 32 years before retiring in 1999. It was that year, he said, that he decided to start spending every night on the streets helping people in need.

“That’s the last time I slept in a bed for eight hours,” Law told the students.

Law said that some people who are homeless that he sees are able to find housing. But many can’t find jobs that will pay enough to rent an apartment, he said.

He said that last year he delivered 850,000 sandwiches and 200,000 “energy packs,” which he described as energy bars put in bags. He also delivered 7,000 pairs of socks and almost 2,000 blankets, he said.

“Everything you possibly can need, I will take care of,” Law said to the students, encouraging them to thank the adults in their lives for providing them a place to live and enough to eat.

To learn more about Law’s work or to help make sandwiches, visit