Lyndale principal James retires

Lyndale Community School principal and longtime Minneapolis Public Schools employee Renee James retired at the end of March. The district appointed Jean Neuman, an educational consultant and retired principal, to serve as interim principal for the remainder of the school year.

James was with the Minneapolis school district from 1989 through last month, working as a teacher, assistant principal and principal. She worked at Lyndale, a pre-K–5 school of about 515 students, for 13 years and became principal in 2013.

Renee James was a “yes” principal who was receptive to new ideas, according Bridget Gernander, a parent at Lyndale. She was welcoming, kind and engaging, Gernander said, and was interested in the kids as people.

“She’s just really the quintessential well-rounded principal,” Gernander said.

Neuman, the interim principal, frequently works as an administrative reserve in the district, most recently supporting Hall and Bethune schools during times of transition, according to a letter from Lyndale’s assistant principal, Mark Stauduhar. The district will hire a new principal for the 2017–2018 school year, the letter said.