MPS high school students going for Clinton in mock election

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump may have a plurality of votes among Minnesota high schoolers, but Minneapolis Public School students are going for Hillary Clinton.

The Democratic presidential nominee has captured about 73 percent of the Minneapolis Public Schools vote in the Secretary of State’s mock election for high school students. Trump garnered 2.6 percent of the MPS vote, behind write-in votes (8.6 percent), Green Party candidate Jill Stein (4.8 percent), Dan Vacek of the Legal Marijuana Now party (4.7 percent) and Libertarian Gary Johnson (3.5 percent).

Trump has the most votes of any candidate among high school students statewide with 26,930, or 35 percent. Clinton trails him by about 1,600 votes, while Vacek had 5.9 percent of the vote.

More than 77,000 students from 213 schools in grades 9-12 had voted in the mock election as of Oct. 31. Trump had his highest support in rural areas, while Clinton did best in the Twin Cities metro.

The results included data from Southwest, Edison and Longfellow. About 1,200 students from the three schools voted for Clinton, while just 36 voted for Trump.

The Secretary of State’s website says 280 schools are participating in the election.