MPS, Minneapolis announce partnership on “Talking is Teaching” campaign

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges announces Minneapolis Public Schools' support for the citywide "Talking is Teaching" campaign to help build vocabulary and language skills among young kids. Photo by Nate Gotlieb

Minneapolis Public Schools last week announced its support for the city’s effort to help young kids build vocabulary and language skills.

The district has committed to providing materials, encouraging and teaching families to talk, read and sing to their children, hosting family engagement sessions and sharing information about the city’s “Talking is Teaching” campaign. It celebrated the partnership with a kickoff event at Longfellow High School.

“When they’re infants and toddlers, it’s really important that we talk, read and sing,” Minneapolis Board of Education vice chair Kim Ellison said. “Any detail or story you can share with your child helps them piece together how the world works.”

Minneapolis launched the “Talking is Teaching” campaign in June in conjunction with the national Too Small to Fail campaign, which aims to promote the importance of early brain and language development.

Research has shown that children born into low-income families are hearing 30 million fewer words than kids in higher-income families by age 3. The word gap can affect future performance at school and in careers, according to the federal Health Resources & Services Administration.

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