School Board to see “version 2.0” of enrollment plan

Strategies for dealing with rising enrollment modified after community meetings

When it meets Tuesday, the School Board will see “version 2.0” of a plan to accommodate a projected 10-percent increase in student enrollment over the next five years.

The plan, posted online today, is a modified version of the enrollment proposal that debuted in September. The changes attempt to address some of the questions and concerns raised in a series of community meetings held across the district since then.

For instance: The updated plan retains a key proposal for its Southwest attendance area, creating a dual-campus 6–12 program out of the adjacent Washburn High School and Ramsey Middle School buildings in Tangletown. But it delays implementation of that proposal one year, to 2015–2016, as was requested by some Ramsey parents.

Implementing a dual-campus model with Ramsey and Washburn is one strategy for dealing with crowded high school classrooms in Southwest, where nearly 1,000 additional high school students are expected over the next five years. It would allow some Washburn classes to be held inside the underutilized Ramsey building.

As in the first version of the enrollment plan, Southwest High School is slated to get a building addition in 2016–2017.

“Version 2.0” recommends moving the Spanish-immersion program at Anwatin Middle School to the district’s more centrally located Wilder building, located at 3345 Chicago Ave. S. (Anwatin’s International Baccalaureate–Middle Years Programme would remain at its current location.)

Elementary students attending the Spanish dual-immersion programs at Emerson and Windom would then follow a pathway to Wilder. The new middle school program would include both Spanish immersion and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), and students would have the option of continuing their immersion language studies at Roosevelt High School.

The updated plan adjusts attendance area 3A around Kenwood Community School, which is currently the community elementary school for most downtown residents. “Version 2.0” creates a new 1G attendance area that includes most of downtown and has for its community school the Webster building in Northeast.

The School Board is expected to vote on an enrollment plan in December, although staff have suggested that vote could leave some specific elements of the plan to-be-determined. The roughly 34,000-student district expects to add nearly 3,400 students over the next five years, with the majority of that growth occurring in Southwest neighborhoods.

Click here to view the Nov. 12 presentation to the School Board.