Windom street reconstruction planned

A $2.8 million reconstruction project will remake the streetscape in a small Windom neighborhood wedged between the Bachman’s parking lot and Highway 62. Map courtesy of City of Minneapolis

An isolated cluster of residential streets wedged between the Bachman’s parking lot and Highway 62 are scheduled for reconstruction in 2020.

The $2.8 million project will remake the streetscape for a small Windom community, composed of fewer than 100 homes, which is surrounded on three sides by parking lots and highways and is only accessible by car from a single Lyndale Avenue intersection at 61st Street.

The five short roads that serve the community — 61st and 62nd streets, Dupont Avenue, Colfax Lane and Aldrich Avenue — will all be reconstructed.

The city will install new pavement, add curb extensions and narrow Dupont Avenue and 61st and 62nd streets. Those three streets’ boulevards will be widened and parking will be eliminated on one side of each street. 

Eighty-five residential properties and two commercial properties will be assessed for about a quarter of the project cost, and property taxes will cover the rest. 

Most of the streets in the area were constructed in 1956. City staffer Becca Hughes said the streets are among the oldest in Minneapolis. “Based on the condition [and] the age, it’s time for those to be replaced,” she said.

The project addresses one of two areas of city-owned streets in Southwest Minneapolis slated for reconstruction in 2020. The other is Girard Avenue between Lake Street and Lagoon Avenue in Uptown.

Other Southwest Minneapolis street projects slated for 2020 include the resurfacing of 1st Avenue between Lake and 40th streets; the resurfacing of multiple Tangletown streets between 50th Street and Minnehaha Parkway; and the resurfacing of 3rd Avenue in Whittier and Stevens Square.

The city plans to start the Windom project in spring 2020 and hopes to complete it by fall 2020. The City Council Transportation & Public Works Committee will hold a public hearing on the project Jan. 21.