Nice Ride moving to more electric bikes

Nice Ride Bike Kiosk
Nice Ride Bike Kiosk

Nice Ride Minnesota will move away from dockless service and greatly expand its electric bike offerings in 2020, the organization announced Nov. 6. 

The bike share service will end its 2019 season in November, with plans to remove green, docked bikes by Nov. 17 and blue, dockless bikes by Nov. 30, according to a press release. 

But the dockless bikes will not be returning in 2020, when Nice Ride plans to introduce 2,000 new pedal-assisted ebikes. Those new ebikes will be parked at dock hubs or can be attached to any public bike rack using an attached cable lock for an extra $1 fee, Nice Ride announced. This year, Nice Ride piloted about 200 ebikes. 

Pending the results of a traffic study, the bike share program also plans to build about 200 “light-weight” bike share stations, which would have more infrastructure than current dockless stations but without the kiosks found at traditional hubs. 

Prices for traditional Nice Ride bikes will be unchanged in 2020, but ebikes would cost an extra 10 cents for every minute in use, or 5 cents for those using the reduced-fare program.