A dolphin that shimmers in Bryant Square Park

Photo by Isaiah Rustad

A concrete dolphin that used to swim in the shallows of the Bryant Square Park wading pool has been given a shining new mosaic skin.

After a short spell in storage during the pool’s 2018 reconstruction, the dolphin was returned to the park as a standalone sculpture last fall.

This August, artist Sharra Frank worked with a team of volunteers from the South Uptown neighborhood to cut tile, set mosaic patterns, apply grout and paste many-faceted swatches of color onto the dolphin’s flanks, flukes and flippers.

The finished sculpture was unveiled on Aug. 25. The project cost about $12,500, with $10,000 coming from the neighborhood organization and $2,500 coming from a People for Parks Foundation grant. Most of the expense involved the dolphin’s concrete base.

Artist Sharra Frank (left) and South Uptown volunteer begin the work of enlivening the dolphin in August. Submitted photo