New name coming for East Calhoun

Residents of East Calhoun have voted to change the name of their Uptown neighborhood, making it the second Southwest community to change its name amid a movement of residents and institutions disassociating themselves with the legacy of John C. Calhoun.

In May, the East Calhoun Community Organization (ECCO) invited residents to cast ballots in a yes-no vote: Should the neighborhood change its name or not?

East Calhoun community members
East Calhoun community members gathered to discuss a potential name change to the neighborhood on May 9. Photos by Andrew Hazzard

Just over 63% of residents voted yes, according to ECCO name review committee chair Ralph Knox. There were 424 ballots cast, or about 17% of the neighborhood, he said.

In the wake of Lake Calhoun being redubbed Bde Maka Ska, its original Dakota name meaning Lake White Earth, several entities have changed their titles, too, including the Calhoun Area Residents Action Group (CARAG), which adopted the name South Uptown last year. John C. Calhoun was a South Carolina politician who advocated for the institution of slavery and had a role in orchestrating the Indian Removal Act.

The Minnesota Supreme Court is currently reviewing whether the Department of Natural Resources had proper authority to rename the lake without legislative approval.

Now, the neighborhood is soliciting potential names from residents until Sept. 2.

The name review committee will then narrow down submitted names to 10 finalists, which will be put up for a vote.

Those ballots will be tallied using a ranked-choice voting style, Knox said. If none of the finalists gets more than 50% of the vote, a final runoff election will be held with the top two.

“We want to be very calculated about this,” Knox said.

  • maxine

    what a joke, calhoun is calhoun, call it what you want, I will continue to call it what it’s been my 66 years, not some liberal garbage name so sad, can’t erase history, would have to erase democrats, founders of kkk and pro slavery. History is what it is, we have wife beaters in office, Jew haters, way to go Minneapolis!

  • Kate Stone

    The City of Minneapolis has already spent too much of our taxpayer’s money on this issue. I cannot believe the number of hours and dollars have been spent to try the name of a lake!!! Those dollars could be spent wisely and appropriate to the many immediate needs and issues the City faces. Leave Lake Calhoun named as it is. Bde Maka Ska has already received recognition evidenced by the artwork on and around the walkpath on the east side of Lake Calhoun. Consider a compromise and let the artwork stand and keep the name Lake Calhoun; that way everyone wins. I live across the Parkway from Lake Calhoun, and I spend a lot of leisure time walking, jogging and biking around it. It would not seem like the same lake if it were renamed. Please leave this beautiful lake’s name as is….Lake Calhoun!

  • Lake Manship

    The original name of the lake isnt some “liberal garbage” you incel.

  • Lake Manship

    Get off your high horse and learn some respect for the great people that once lived on this land. Our relationship with the Natives has never been, and never will be one of equity all the while we have people like you Kate who cannot fathom the pain of having such a hateful man thrown in the face of every person who visits this once sacred place.

  • Karl

    Where are the city taxpayer dollars here? This is a neighborhood org.

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