East Calhoun neighborhood may be next up for name change

A group of East Calhoun residents want to know if their neighbors are ready to retire the Calhoun name.

“Right now, we’re looking to start a conversation,” Ryan Brown said. 

He set up a table at the East Calhoun Community Organization’s (ECCO) annual meeting this month to gather feedback. He heard from people who like the name as it is. Others expected change to come eventually. Some suggested dropping the extra “c,” making the neighborhood acronym “ECO.” A couple of people suggested East Maka Ska. 

Now that Bde Maka Ska is the official name for Lake Calhoun, the Calhoun name is dropping from local landmarks. Among the first to change was Perennial Cycle, formerly Calhoun Cycle, at 34th & Hennepin. The most recent is the neighborhood formerly known as CARAG (Calhoun Area Residents Action Group), which is now South Uptown. 

“Calhoun” remains on street signs like East and West Calhoun Parkway. The street names are slated to remain the same “in the interest of public safety,” a recommendation that is part of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board’s master plan.

Brown and Nathan Campeau plan to ask ECCO board members in November if they are interested in starting a process to change the name. 

“I’m hopeful that the board is willing to explore this further,” Brown said. “It’s a good question to ask. What the result will be, at this point, I have no idea.”