CARAG survey solicits a new name

The Calhoun Area Residents Action Group wants residents to complete a six-question survey to help choose a new name for the CARAG neighborhood.

“The acronym can be confusing and has become outdated since Lake Calhoun was renamed Bde Maka Ska. We’re looking for a new name that communicates our location in Minneapolis,” states the survey.

The survey asks people to rate a dozen suggested names, including Bryant Square, Henn-Lake, Lower Uptown, Lyn-Lake, Lyn-Town and Uptown Corners. There is space to suggest new ideas as well.

The neighborhood hopes to hear from renters in particular, as they make up more than 70 percent of the neighborhood.

Survey respondents who live or own property in CARAG enter a drawing for a $50 Pizza Luce gift card.

CARAG’s borders are Hennepin, Lyndale, Lake and 36th Street.

Find the survey at