Kingfield reports on pedestrian safety efforts at 43rd & Nicollet

After months of study, the Kingfield Neighborhood Association is further investigating bump-outs to shorten the crossing distance for pedestrians at 43rd & Nicollet.

The focus on pedestrian safety comes after the unsolved hit-and-run death of Barbara Mahigel in late 2016.

Research by city officials found the intersection would not rank as a priority area for new traffic signals and pedestrian-activated flashers. The city’s Public Works Department said average speeds on Nicollet near 43rd are 32 miles per hour. There were 10 crashes in the area from 2013-2015, with two at the intersection, a frequency that ranks below the top 100 non-signalized intersections. During peak travel times, average walkers have one “acceptable gap” every 30 seconds to cross, and slower walkers have a gap every two minutes to cross.

The Kingfield Neighborhood Association said city staff should continue to monitor the intersection, as there is widespread interest in a pedestrian flasher system.

For the moment, however, the board said it supports only research of bump-out options to cut the distance between curbs.