Constitution study group kicks off in Kingfield

Minneapolis residents are revisiting the country’s founding documents at Solomon’s Porch as part of a new gathering called “We The People…A Community Conversation on the U.S. Constitution.”

Cara Letofsky said the group came out of the presidential election results and even the Broadway musical Hamilton, as citizens work to gain a better understanding of the Constitution’s protections. Letofsky is a Longfellow resident and member of the Metropolitan Council.

“A couple weeks after the election, as I was struggling with trying to figure out how to respond to it and how to be involved in my own life, I posted something on Facebook that asked if anybody was interested in doing a Constitution study group,” she said.

At the kick-off event in January, group members gathered for a public reading of the Constitution and its amendments. Biweekly study sessions will begin Jan. 15, culminating in a call to action and community potluck April 28.

Each community conversation is led by a local expert. Topics include a Jan. 15 session on the branches of the federal government: “Who Can Do What, & Who Can Stop Them?”; a Jan. 29 session on the freedom of expression: “My Wicca Sisterhood Wants To Hold A Rally”; and a Feb. 12 session on the right to bear arms: “Me vs. Us.”

“It’s great,” Letofsky said. “With our little planning group, we’ve got a Constitutional law professor, we’ve got a couple of acting lawyers, we’ve got a couple of community organizers and people who are connected with a lot of folks. We’re really just a group of individuals at this point trying to make sense of it all and not wanting to try to make sense of it alone, but trying to make sense of it as a community.”

Each study session takes place from 1 p.m.-3 p.m. at Solomon’s Porch, 100 W. 46th St.