“Love Still Wins,” says Landscape Love

In response to the national election results, Landscape Love painted a “love letter” to the neighborhood. Submitted photo

The morning after the election results, the team at Landscape Love said they gathered to process a mix of emotions.

“There were tears, feelings of helplessness, hugs…we didn’t know what to do with all the feelings but after about 90 minutes of processing we all felt so grateful to have each other,” co-owner Nan Arundel said in an email.

Landscape Love_1

They decided to share that feeling.

“We wanted to send a message to all our neighbors — whatever race, religion, sexual orientation, citizenship status, political party — that we welcome you. That we love you. That love still wins and we’re in it together,” she said.

Arundel said they ran up to Ace Hardware at 38th & Nicollet, bought some canvas and painted the sign together.

“It’s not a protest, but rather a love letter,” she said. “Or maybe a blooming flower in the midst of a messy garden.”