‘Love Conquers Violence’ at the Herkimer

The Herkimer is brewing a beer and hosting an event this week in honor of Natalie Beissel, a Twin Cities native who was murdered by her boyfriend last summer in Arizona.

Natalie Beissel

The event Bags and Beers for Nat aims to raise awareness of domestic violence.

Whenever someone orders The Herkimer beer brewed in honor of Beissel, they will receive a card with her story and resources related to domestic violence.

At least nine Minnesota women have been murdered in 2016 due to domestic violence, according to the Domestic Abuse Project. In Southwest Minneapolis’ 5th Precinct, domestic aggravated assault incidents have increased 4.7 percent year-to-date as of July 25, with 45 cases this year.

Beissel was entering her final year of medical school when she died at age 32. Her brother, Nick, posted an open letter to her:

“Love Conquers Violence is my promise to you that your voice will continue to be heard,” Nick writes. “Our mission is to tell your story and stop domestic violence. I wish I would have inquired more when certain things didn’t seem quite right. I didn’t. But Love Conquers Violence will educate someone else to think twice before dismissing a situation that doesn’t appear normal. Through our event, Bags and Beers for Nat, the community will come together to remember you. Your scholarship will help aspiring doctors pursue their careers in medicine. Our donation to the Domestic Abuse Project (DAP) will help prevent abuse through education and awareness.”

The event is Saturday, Aug. 6 from 2-6 p.m. at Herkimer Pub and Brewery, located at 2922 Lyndale Ave. S.

Bean bag tournament registration is available at loveconquersviolence.com. Proceeds go to the Natalie Beissel Scholarship Fund and the Domestic Abuse Project, based in Stevens Square.