Inspectors visit Kingfield

City inspectors are scrutinizing the Kingfield neighborhood in mid-June, looking for nuisance violations like long grass and rubbish.

The inspectors are focusing on vacant properties and sites with several nuisance violations.

Ten neighborhoods are involved in the current “All Together Now!” initiative. The city is circulating a flyer in those neighborhoods detailing common violations and resources for people who need help with maintenance.

Inspectors will watch for issues like vegetation overhanging the sidewalk (overhead sidewalk clearance should be seven feet), inoperable vehicles (including cars with flat tires or expired tabs), and piles of brush (brush and branches attract rodents and can create a fire hazard). Tall grass and weeds should be kept under eight inches, according to inspectors.

Those who receive a flyer or work orders are eligible for 10-15 percent discounts at the following Southwest hardware stores: Bryant Hardware, 818 W. 36th St.; Settergren Ace Hardware, 5405 Penn Ave. S. and 2813 W. 43rd St.; Diamond Lake Ace Hardware, 5425 Nicollet Ave. S.; and Guse Hardware at 4602 Bryant Ave. S.