Hennepin County deconstruction grants still available

Hennepin County is continuing to offer grants to homeowners who are doing demolition or major renovation projects and who use deconstruction techniques to remove the materials.

Homeowners and developers can receive up to $5,000 to help offset the additional time and labor costs for deconstruction.

Projects must be on residential properties with one to four units. The structure being demolished or renovated must have been built prior to 1950, and it must be at least 250 square feet.

Deconstruction is the process of carefully dismantling building structure to preserve building materials intact so they can be used again for the same purpose, according to the county.

Through deconstruction, up to 25% of materials in a typical home can be reused and up to 70% of materials can be recycled, the county said.

Visit hennepin.us/deconstruction to learn more about the grants.