No-cost, low-cost compost available for community gardens

The City of Minneapolis is offering a limited supply compost at no cost to the managers of its nearly 300 community gardens.

Qualifying community gardens may receive one delivery of up to 10 cubic yards of compost at no cost. The city will provide the deliveries on a first-come, first-serve basis but will prioritize gardens that are start-ups, have never received compost and/or have poor soil quality.

Qualifying gardens may also receive discounted compost, which costs $9.50 per cubic yard, plus a delivery fee of either $120 or $130.

The city is offering 30 deliveries and 400 cubic yards of compost for no cost this spring and summer and 15 deliveries and 200 cubic yards for no cost this fall. It is offering 1,000 cubic yards of compost at the discounted price.

Garden managers must submit requests by April 20 if they want compost for the spring or summer or by Sept. 21 for fall compost. Spring and summer compost deliveries begin May 1 and end Sept. 29, while the fall compost program runs Oct. 1-Nov. 1. Visit to learn more.

Also, staff in the city’s Solid Waste and Recycling Division are reminding residents that they can request supplies for litter clean-up events. Visit to learn more.