Metro Blooms to host lawn workshop Oct. 24

The nonprofit Metro Blooms will host a workshop Oct. 24 at the Lynnhurst Recreation Center on alternatives to turf lawns.

The workshop will cover the advantages of using perennial ground covers to maximize ecological impact. It will also demonstrate how homeowners can replace traditional turf with low-maintenance lawns and “bee lawns.”

The goal is to show there are multiple ways people can have an ecologically friendly yard, said Laura Scholl, associate director of Metro Blooms.

“(Having) a lawn you can use but just having one that has some benefits for water quality and pollinators has really been a popular topic,” Scholl said. “… It’s really the way to go.”

Low-maintenance lawns functions like typical lawns but are often made up of fescues that require less water, fertilizer, pesticides and mowing than Kentucky bluegrass, according to Metro Blooms. Some people also have “bee lawns” that are made of grasses and low-growing perennials.

These alternative lawns don’t require much mowing and water and don’t require any fertilizer, Scholl said.

“You can pretty much do it with everything you have at home,” she said.

These lawn alternatives are drought tolerant, slow growing, adaptable, weed suppressing and require less fertilizer, according to Metro Blooms. They can also support beneficial insects, fix nitrogen in the soil, better infiltrate runoff and require less maintenance.

The workshop costs $25 per household. People can register online at, by calling 651-699-2426 or by sending their name, organization, title, email address and phone number to [email protected]