Choose to Reuse website revamped by Hennepin County

Hennepin County has revamped a website that connects residents to businesses and stores where they can buy, sell, donate and share used items.

The county’s retooled Choose to Reuse website launched in February and features more than 600 businesses and stores that reuse all sorts of products and merchandise, from games and toys to furniture.

The goal is to help residents keep usable items out of the trash and connect them with quality items so they don’t have to buy new, communications and outreach specialist Christina Schmitt said.

“We wanted to connect people who have a green philosophy of their lives,” she said. “… New businesses that participate in this mindset are popping up all the time.”

The website allows users to select what items they are looking for and put in their zip code, and it gives them a list of resources that offer those items or services.

It also has a list of neighborhood events, garage sales and fix-it clinics and has spotlight pages on topics such as cloth diapering and buying used clothing.

The site is part of Hennepin County’s overall environmental strategy, Schmitt said. The county is working toward a goal of zero- waste landfills, and a key strategy is having a Choose to Reuse program, she said.

“We’re hoping that this website will help residents make sustainable choices but also rethink their buying habits,” Schmitt said.

Schmitt encouraged people to submit their neighborhood events for the website. Visit the site at and scroll to the bottom of the page to list your business or add an idea or event.