42-unit apartment pitched for Linden Hills

44th and Beard
A four-story, 42-unit apartment building has been proposed near the Turtle Bread in Linden Hills. Submitted images

A 42-unit apartment building could be coming to Beard Avenue in Linden Hills, about half a block from Turtle Bread.

The four-story apartment building pitched for 4422 Beard Avenue would include balconies overlooking Beard Avenue and the 60-unit Allegro apartment complex directly to its south. Two single-family houses would need to be demolished to make way for the new building. Plans call for 22 underground parking lots accessible by a side driveway.

The site is zoned as R5, a multi-family, high-density district that allows buildings up to four stories, and developer Alex Gese would not need any variances or conditional use permits to build.

Gese, whose company shares an address with LS Black Constructors, presented plans to the Linden Hills Neighborhood Council’s zoning committee on June 10 and said that rents would range between $1,500 and $3,000 per month.

Developer Alex Gese
Developer Alex Gese shared plans for the apartment building with the Linden Hills Neighborhood Council’s zoning committee on June 10. Photo by Alex Smith

About 20 people attended the meeting and voiced concerns that the building was too tall for the neighborhood, didn’t have enough parking and would create increased traffic flow endangering the area’s children.

“[It] is so disturbing,” said Rosemary Scholes, who lives across the street from the proposed building. “They say they’re trying to blend into the neighborhood, but it’s a story and a half taller than everything else there.”

Gese said that they tried to preserve the neighborhood’s atmosphere by matching the brown-brick color of the building to the surrounding houses.

“We really wanted to respect the code and not build anything bigger or higher,” Gese said.

The proposal calls for nine units on the first floor and 11 units on each of the three upper stories. The proposal will go before the Minneapolis Planning Commission on June 17.