Linden Hills sees new apartment design at 2620 W. 44th St.

Thirty-six apartments will stand on the site of a single-family home, three detached parking garages and a vacant property formerly owned by writer Brenda Ueland.

A revised development proposal for the site of writer Brenda Ueland’s former house, located in Linden Hills at 2614 ½ – 2620 W. 44th St., would now hold fewer stories and more units.

The subject of intense debate, Ueland’s house was demolished following a City Planning Commission vote in 2017 to allow an eight-unit condo development. The commission voted to allow only three stories, rather than the four stories proposed, in order to match the neighborhood scale and character.

The revised three-story (42-foot) proposal now before the city would require demolition of an additional house on the site. The plans include 36 apartments (22 of them studios) and 36 enclosed and underground parking spaces.

Rendering by Tushie Montgomery Architects
Rendering by Tushie Montgomery Architects

The project would require city approval to build above 35 feet near the water and build more than 26 units.


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