MoZaic East adds office space to Uptown

MoZaic East, pictured in mid-September, is nearing completion.

The Ackerberg Group’s dream of more daytime workers in Uptown is materializing. WeWork co-working spaces open in December, and WeWork recently decided to double its footprint to occupy four floors of the eight-story MoZaic East building.

“We’ve just seen so much demand from companies of all sizes, we felt like it was a great opportunity to expand,” said Megan Dodds, WeWork’s general manager for the Midwest.

The Uptown footprint, which will include private terraces, is double the size of WeWork’s offices at the Capella Tower downtown.

MoZaic East 2

When WeWork launched in 2010, it was largely home to startups and small companies (Uptown desks start at $250 per month). But in recent years WeWork has started attracting larger companies as well, such as Spotify and Silicon Valley Bank at the Capella Tower. Companies with more than 1,000 global employees now account for more than a quarter of WeWork memberships.

The agrochemical company Syngenta will relocate about 200 employees from Minnetonka to Uptown. Syngenta spokesman Paul Minehart said the company wanted a building less isolated, where they didn’t need to drive for lunch or happy hour. Employee counts in the office fluctuate with global travel and client visits, he said, and their building was starting to feel too large and inflexible.

“A lot of our meetings are on-the-spot kinds of things. The pace of business moves pretty quickly these days,” he said.

The fitness center Alchemy365 is slated to open in the coming weeks on the ground floor. In the runup to opening, they’re hosting free classes this month at The Hasty Tasty, BRIM and Evolution Hair Studio.