Developer submits proposal for Lake & Excelsior hotel, condos

Plans for an eight-story hotel at Lake & Excelsior include a corner restaurant and condos on the sixth and seventh floors.

Elevage Development Group has formally submitted a proposal to build an eight-story (100-foot) building at 3012 Excelsior Blvd, currently home to a BP gas station.

Perspective view along West Lake Street

The developer proposes 100 hotel rooms, 20 condominiums and a 4,700 square-foot restaurant. The building would hold 107 enclosed parking spaces with one parking level underground.

3012 Exelsior proposal-page-012

A submitted traffic study suggests that the new development would reduce traffic to the site, from 700 daily trips at the gas station down to an estimated 633 daily trips at the proposed hotel.

Perspective view, south sidewalk on Excelsior Blvd

In the application, the developer said the project may incorporate a signature gateway sculpture at the corner plaza, and said they are working with Hennepin County and Public Works to improve the Lake & Excelsior intersection with plantings, seating and cobblestone pavers.

Hennepin County budgeted $1.5 million to realign Lake Street at Excelsior Boulevard to create a more traditional intersection at an angle closer to 90 degrees, aiming to improve pedestrian safety. The 2019 project would enhance crosswalk markings, add a green island, add curb ramps and shorten crossing distances.

County Lake & Excelsior project

  • Gary Farland

    Good reporting would have mentioned that such a building would violate the Shoreland Overlay District ordinance, which limits the height of buildings near lakes to 2 1/2 stories.

  • peacekimi

    No building should be built higher than tree level around the lakes. Stop this project.

  • Jambo

    Wow, I guess they will have to tear down The Calhoun Beach Club building and the half dozen others in the area all above 2.5 stories. Either that or you don’t know what you’re talked by about.

  • Flowerpotgirl

    I like the idyllic rendering of people crossing the street with no cars and lots of trees. This intersection is a madhouse almost 20 hours a day!!

  • Sans Comedy

    There are single family homes that violate this simplistic rule.

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