City says time is up for construction at Beek’s Pizza site

The construction site at 5336 Lyndale Ave. S., pictured in early 2015.

The city ordered demolition and removal of a partial structure at 5336 Lyndale Ave. S., the former home of Beek’s Pizza and Diamond Lake Rental.

The structure must be razed and removed and the lot restored to a dust-free, erosion-free condition by April 17, according to the order. The property owner has until April 7 to appeal. If there is no action, the city could assign the demolition to a contractor.

The site’s former building was damaged in a fire in 2013 and later demolished. Property owner Bill Graham submitted plans to the city in 2014 to construct a three-story building with retail on the ground floor and residential units above.

The city determined the construction site is abandoned, as officials had documented no progress since Aug. 30. According to city Media Relations Coordinator Casper Hill, the structure that’s there is considered to be a vacant building and in “nuisance condition” as defined by city ordinance.

The matter is considered closed if the property owner follows through on compliance.

Graham said in an email several weeks ago that the primary delay in construction stems from a delay in the transfer of title from the previous ownership.

“When the contract for deed was signed years ago, evidently the attorney did not file,” he said. “Construction was halted until the matter of title was rectified. Unfortunately, the sellers had died during this time and all of there [sic] holdings were being administered out of state.

“We were just recently able to make contact with a local attorney who is working in conjunction with the out of town accounting firm. We expect to have the matter resolved shortly and resume construction. We will be contacting the city as soon as the title situation has been remedied.”

 — Michelle Bruch contributed to this report