Planning Commission approves Rana Village project on Greenway

The city Planning Commission approved a five-story apartment building with 120 units. A new pedestrian path would stand north of the project along the Midtown Greenway. Rendering by DJR Architects

The city Planning Commission approved plans Oct. 17 for Rana Village, a five-story multifamily building at 2900 Pleasant Ave.

The plans have evolved since they were first introduced early this year.

Rana_Village 3

Sabri Properties now plans to tear down two buildings on the site to build a 120-unit apartment building, with walkup units along Grand Avenue and sizes ranging from efficiencies to four bedrooms. One floor of the building would be dedicated to seniors.

A skyway originally proposed to connect the third floors of Rana Village and Karmel Plaza across Pleasant Avenue was dropped from the plans. DJR Architecture Principal Scott Nelson said Planning Commissioners didn’t support the skyway concept in early discussions.

“Just to get everyone’s cooperation and compromise on various things we decided to drop it,” he said.

One new addition to the project is a public promenade along the Greenway. Nelson said space for the promenade along the northern edge of the site is a primary reason to demolish the buildings, which were initially going to be incorporated into the project.

Ninety-five parking spaces would include 35 in an underground garage and 60 on the main floor.

Rana_Village 4

At Karmel West nearby at 312 W. Lake St., the developer would add an 800-square-foot addition fronting Lake Street that brings the upper floor of the building up to the front property line. The addition would be used for an existing restaurant’s office and storage room. Karmel West also holds child care centers, a clinic, a development achievement center and offices.

This is the owner’s second attempt at a second-story addition. The city previously required the owner to remove an addition and covered roof deck that was built without city approval, according to a staff report.

Council Member Lisa Bender praised construction of the promenade, which is slowly being built as new projects develop along the Greenway.

“That’s really important to folks in the community, and I think it’s really great that we’ve been able to work with staff and the community and each of these project teams so far to build that continuous promenade along the Greenway, fulfilling the long–desired vision of having a more pedestrian-oriented pathway to create more activation along the Greenway,” she said.

As part of approval, Commissioners required more lighting along Grand Avenue.