Workers replace lumber at West Lake project

Following the city’s discovery that exterior lumber on an apartment project at 3118 W. Lake St. did not meet code for fire resistance, Big-D Construction reports that it is proceeding with removal and replacement of the lumber.

Chris Grzybowski, vice president and managing director at Big-D Construction, said in late August that the company had procured all replacement materials, removed half of the exterior doors and windows, and completed the removal process on the north side of the building.

Big-D’s subcontractor JL Schwieters is suing Chicago Flameproof, according to the Star Tribune. Staff at Chicago Flameproof declined to comment, and told KSTP in late July that the company stands behind the lumber.

“Since our approval to proceed from the City of Minneapolis on August 17th, we have been mobilizing and working on the project aggressively to meet our schedule milestones with the ownership group,” Grzybowski said in an email. “…We continue to work (6) days a week per City Ordinance for working hours to reach our goals.”