Council denies 43rd & Upton appeal; pocket park design work ahead

Credit: Rendering by Momentum Design Group

The City Council unanimously denied appeals Oct. 9 and approved a new four-story development for the Famous Dave’s site at 4264 Upton.

In approving the project, Council Member Linea Palmisano said she’s looking forward to an improved pedestrian realm.

“…We operate in a strict legal framework here. I believe this land use meets that, and I’d be making an arbitrary decision if I denied or voted no against this matter today. So I am eager to see new life breathed into this corner,” she said.

Palmisano also commented on the intense debate that has surrounded the site in the past four years.

“I’m thankful every day for the passion and care for this space throughout the community, and I also feel the need to apologize on their behalf if this came across as personal attacks in this room and to city staff throughout this process. That was unusual, that is not what I know about my neighborhood. I am also ready for the healing of this area and this special corner to begin,” she said. 

The neighborhood is invited to provide input on the pocket park design at the corner of 43rd & Upton. Design sessions are 7-8:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 22 and Thursday, Nov. 5 at the Linden Hills Recreation Center, 3100 W. 43rd St.