The Bridge for Youth buildings for sale

Credit: Michelle Bruch

The Bridge for Youth recently put out a “Call for Offers” for two of its buildings at 2200 Emerson Ave. S. and 1209 W. 22nd St.

The Bridge has operated three properties along West 22nd Street for the past 45 years, and is now consolidating services into its building at 1111 W. 22nd St.

“The properties are uniquely positioned to be considered as-is for either residential or commercial uses, or may be a strong candidate for redevelopment uses,” states the call for offers.

One potential buyer, Alliance Housing, has floated the idea of a rooming house at 2200 Emerson.

The Bridge was founded in 1970 as one of the nation’s first shelters exclusively for youth.

Phone scammers recently jammed the crisis line for the third time since 2013, according to The Bridge. Staff notified the Attorney General’s office and Homeland Security, but said nothing could be done until the scammers stopped dialing. The center plans to add a texting platform to its crisis center in the fall, which may be less vulnerable to hackers.

The hotline receives more than 3,000 calls annually from youth who need shelter or experience a crisis.