Man shot in Lowry Hill East is back on his feet

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A 27-year-old man is back on his feet after being shot in the side on Aug. 15 at 27th & Colfax. The reason for the shooting is unclear.

The man called 911 for help around 9:30 p.m. as he ran more than four blocks to the TruStone Financial credit union on Lyndale Avenue, where police found him sitting up in the parking lot. 

A single bullet had entered and exited his body on the right side. A police officer cleaned his wound with a towel and applied a chest seal before paramedics took him to Hennepin County Medical Center. 

The bullet went through the man’s “love handle” and did not damage his internal organs, his father said, and he was released the evening of the shooting. Police initially considered the man to be a suspect in the shooting, so his clothes were taken into evidence and he had to walk back in his hospital robes to the Downtown homeless shelter where he is staying.

“It was very scary,” the man’s father said in an interview. “He had messaged me and just said he got shot in the ribs — and your ribs are your lungs and your heart — and then I couldn’t reach him after that [for about an hour].”

The man told police the shooting was random, but his lack of detail in answering basic questions about the night provides some justification for doubt. Police spokesperson John Elder declined to comment on whether investigators believe the man was shot by a stranger. 

Witnesses said they heard three gunshots and then saw two men in a black Dodge Charger drive west on 27th Street and then south on Dupont Avenue. Police found shell casings at 27th & Colfax. 

Police have closed the case “pending further evidence or further cooperation from the victim.”

In addition to the 11 people injured in the Uptown shootout in June, there have been 16 other gunshot victims in the 5th Precinct this year as of Aug. 26. There were an average of eight shooting victims in the first eight months of the previous five years.