Police see burglary trend in East Isles, the Wedge and Whittier

Source: Minneapolis Police Department

Police are highlighting a recent burglary pattern at apartments and single-family homes in an area between Lagoon Avenue, West 22nd Street, Lake of the Isles and Nicollet Avenue.

In two of the incidents, suspects entered while occupants were asleep, and they were unaware of the break-ins.

A suspect gained entry by opening windows and cutting screens in some cases. In two cases, a suspect stole car keys and took vehicles. Several of the homes left a door or window unlocked, police said, allowing a suspect to enter.

Police provided no suspect information. Anyone with information can contact the 5th Precinct Property Crimes Unit at 673-5715.

Police advise the following:

— Always lock doors and windows while not at home.

— Share information about the burglaries with neighbors

— Pin windows or add locks

— Call 911 to report suspicious activity, including unfamiliar people approaching or looking into homes, cars or garages

— Never leave a garage door remote in a vehicle