Police see spate of burglaries in Lyndale and Kingfield

Police issued a crime alert for burglaries in the Lyndale and Kingfield neighborhoods, citing 11 reported burglaries since Friday, May 18.

Suspects cut lower-level screens and opened unlocked windows in five of the house burglaries. Suspects entered six garages by walking through unlocked service doors or kicking in doors.

Extra patrols in plain clothes and in uniform are watching the area.


Property crime year-to-date in Southwest Minneapolis’ 5th Precinct is down about 17 percent from 2017, and is up 25.5 percent from 2016. Burglaries in the precinct year-to-date are down 33.8 percent from 2017 and down 19 percent from 2016.

Police suggest the following crime prevention tips:

— Lock doors and windows at all times, even while home.

— Do not leave valuables in plain sight, including laptops, purses and personal information.

— Treat the garage door opener similar to a key to the property.

— Record the make, model and serial number of valuables.

— Secure doors with deadbolt locks.

— Pin or add auxiliary locks to windows and sliding glass doors.

— Consider timers on lights, televisions and radios while away from home.

— Ask service providers and contractors to conduct background checks on employees.

— Call 911 for all suspicious activity, including the sound of breaking glass.

Anyone who would like to host a block club meeting can contact Crime Prevention Specialist Jennifer Waisanen at 673-5407. Anyone with information about burglary suspects can contact property crimes investigators at 673-5715.