Police see daytime burglary pattern in Bryn Mawr

Police are alerting the public to a spate of daytime burglaries in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood.

In most of the cases, suspects are taking cash and other small and easily carried items from garages and homes, police said. Some of the thefts involve buildings left unsecured.

Police said they are investigating the possibility that the crimes are related. One suspect has been identified, and police are working with the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office on charges.

“With the assistance of our Crime Lab and very good information from witnesses in the area we have been able to develop some good leads and the cases remain active,” states the police advisory.

Officers are increasing truancy enforcement and focusing additional patrols on the neighborhood.

4th Precinct Insp. Aaron Biard visited the Bryn Mawr Neighborhood Association in October. According to meeting minutes, police determined that convenient entry is a pattern in the crimes, with some burglaries occurring when garages were left open or back doors were unlocked.

Police advise residents to ensure that doors and windows are closed and locked before leaving for work. Police ask residents to call 911 anytime they see an unfamiliar person acting suspiciously, or if they see anyone peeping in windows. To prevent theft of packages, police suggest help from a neighbor, delivery to a business, or a hold by the shipping company.

For more information on block clubs or home security, Crime Prevention Specialist Rowena Holmes is available at 673-2833 or [email protected]