Crime prevention specialist returns to 5th Precinct

Jennifer Neale is no stranger to the Minneapolis Police Department — she worked for nearly 10 years as a crime prevention specialist in Southwest Minneapolis’ 5th Precinct. She said the position, which serves as a community liaison to the MPD, perfectly combines her interest in law enforcement and her education in teaching. She left the job in 2006 to care for her children, who were toddlers at the time.

“Now they’re not little and I wanted to come back to work,” she said. “…It’s good to be back.”

Neale spent the past year working as crime prevention specialist for the 3rd Precinct, which covers South Minneapolis.

Jennifer Neale
Photo courtesy of Minneapolis Police Department

She attended a recent Safety Committee meeting of the Stevens Square Community Organization, where participants discussed crime patterns with the 5th Precinct Inspector, county probation officer and community attorney.

“We’re always saying we work in partnership with the community. This is the best example of a partnership,” Neale said.

At the meeting, she provided an overview of recent crimes and tips for preventing cell phone theft, which she said has become common in South and Southwest Minneapolis. (Tips include to keep the phone locked, keep it stashed and hidden while not in use, stay vigilant while using the phone in public, record the phone’s serial number, and mark it with an ultraviolet pen to prove ownership if needed.)

“Every opportunity I have now to be proactive, I jump on it,” Neale said.

Neale is taking over neighborhoods previously handled by longtime Crime Prevention Specialist Chelsea Adams. Her neighborhoods include Lowry Hill, East Isles, Kenwood, Cedar Isles Dean, West Calhoun, ECCO, CARAG, Whittier and Steven Square. She can be reached at 673-2819 or [email protected]